Out of the hospital, out of the cast, out of the wheelchair, and finally out of the walking boot, Lory speaks!

The audio portion of Paticakes’ popular podcast, which originates on hempradio.com, has been posted on PodOmatic.

Hear the scintillating podcast in its entirety by clicking right here.

Patticakes the queen of cannabis from hemp radio

Moms like Paticakes — the Queen of Cannabis who reigns over hempradio.com — say, “Let’s jumpstart the pot economy already!” Canna cuties in short shorts and bikinis concur. That’s family values, cannabis style.

After her latest Hemp Radio podcast featuring Dr. Beth, Mr. B and poteconomist Lory Kohn, Paticakes, illustrious Queen of Cannabis decreed, “Yes, we are definitely ready to start up the economy, ramp up the jobs and start ‘Made in the USA!'”

If you were thinking it’s high time we unchain cannabis the commodity, too, you won’t want to miss this.

Tune in, turn on, turn up.