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What Is a Poteconomist and Why Are the World's "Esteemed Economists" Mum on Pot?

What Is a Poteconomist and Why Are the World’s “Esteemed Economists” Mum on Pot?

Cannabis’ multifaceted nature cries out for a new breed of specialist, a cross between an economist and a botanist, self-trained to evaluate the economic firepower of a magical herb.

Ten Reasons Why MMJ Is Cannabis Commerce's Ball And Chain

Ten Reasons Why MMJ Is Cannabis Commerce’s Ball And Chain

“Winning” limited medical marijuana initiatives — as opposed to repealing prohibition — invites legislators into a vicious cycle of creating, editing, and deleting whatever proposition or referendum you voted for after the fact. That insures endless regulatory skirmishes until the end of days.

Cannabis Commerce in the USA

Cannabis Commerce in the USA

How much cannatax could be collected in a legal, regulated society? Lots, like $75 billion. And that’s just the USA’s share, in the the overground poteconomy’s infancy. Harvard’s enigmatic Dr. Jeffrey Miron, oft-quoted pot pontificator, greatly doubts it. Other poteconomists doubt him. Finally, the real lowdown.