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The emerging business of legally selling cannabis poses a unique set of challenges. In addition to the trials of an uncharted business model, there are regulatory, cultural, and political issues surrounding the use of pot. Having someone on your side who’s worked the cannabis business model and navigated the regulatory and political waters is vital, and that’s where Lory can help.

Whether you need to draw up a business plan for a medical marijuana clinic, bring a medicinal pot product into an existing corporate line-up, or identify another player perfect for a mutually beneficial alliance, Lory has the experience to spot the opportunities and the pitfalls.

In a business subject to close regulatory and media scrutiny, your company needs the advice of someone who’s been dealing with that kind of exposure for over a decade.

Business Consulting Testimonials

“When deciding to enter the Wild West that makes up the MMJ Industry, it’s important to have a guide. A year ago we sought out such a guide, Lory Kohn. The MMJ Industry is as wide open as the landscape west of the Rockies. It was important for us to find someone who was well connected and who could utilize their existing network to connect us with industry insiders and visionaries. Lory Kohn was able to do just that for our company.”

Chris GalgoczyCKG Enterprises with Bhang Chocolatier

I love your brain.

Ralph MorganOrgana Labs, O-Pen

I am looking forward to working with you gentlemen [Lory, Organa Labs’ Ralph Morgan and UCANX’s Norm Roulet] in the very near future, please keep me posted

Greg WilliamsPot Sauce Williams

Thank you for your initial review. Many points you touched are valid and appreciated. One that stands to reason most was/is a concern of mine. Too much information in too little space. I will make some adjustments on the various points you briefed on and turn around a second version

Tom B.Nascent Industries

Read the Cleveland Plain Dealer article about Pot Sauce Williams which went viral

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