Copywriting and Marketing

Persuasion requires a mix of art and science — the balance between the technical aspects of targeting audiences and the ability to make an emotional connection with individual audience members. Lory Kohn brings that balance to your copywriting and marketing needs.

Lory’s clear and engaging copywriting comes out of years of diverse writing experience: from multi-million dollar technical proposals to slogans to political manifestos. From convincing boards of directors to winning over consumers, he knows what it means to understand the mind of an audience and target it with the right wording to make your product, service, or cause stand out.

When it comes to marketing plans and strategies, Lory understands your needs. Whether it’s launching a product, writing a white paper, or understanding what your website needs to convey at a glance, he can work with you to come up with clear, measurable goals, and then follow through to analysis of the results.  Find out more

Business Consulting

The emerging business of legally selling cannabis poses a unique set of challenges. In addition to the trials of an uncharted business model, there are regulatory, cultural, and political issues surrounding the use of pot. Having someone on your side who’s worked the cannabis business model and navigated the regulatory and political waters is vital, and that’s where Lory can help.

Whether you need to draw up a business plan for a medical marijuana clinic or to bring a medicinal pot product into an existing corporate line-up, Lory has the experience to spot the opportunities and the pitfalls.

In a business subject to close regulatory and media scrutiny, your company needs the advice of someone who’s been dealing with that kind of exposure for over a decade.  Find out more

Media and Speaking Appearances

If you need a speaker for your event or a guest for your show who can talk knowledgeably and passionately about the controversies around legalizing marijuana, Lory is an excellent choice. He can cut through the myths and hyperbole surrounding pot, and talk to the real issues.

An articulate and passionate speaker, Lory’s experiences living and working for over 10 years in the most liberal jurisdiction in North America uniquely position him to talk about all aspects of marijuana. His humor and honesty will get your audience’s attention, whatever their own views may be.

Political Consulting

There are a lot of interested parties in the debate over the legalization of marijuana, and understanding their goals and positions is vital to presenting effective briefs to government committees or press releases to the media.

Lory has over 10 years experience with the politics of Colorado – home of the most extensive and liberal cannabis legislation in North America. That gives him an important perspective that can help your group make its case more effectively to government, business, and cultural organizations. Lory understands the concerns and motivations of all kinds of political constituencies, which can help make your presentation more targeted and persuasive.

Whether it’s a brief to a city council, a letter to the editor, a mission statement on a website, Lory can help you clearly and passionately present your views in a positive and persuasive way.