If you need a speaker for your event or a guest for your show who can talk knowledgeably and passionately about the controversies around legalizing marijuana, Lory is an excellent choice. He can cut through the myths and hyperbole surrounding pot, and talk to the real issues.

An articulate and passionate speaker, Lory’s experiences living and working for over 10 years in the most liberal jurisdiction in North America uniquely position him to talk about all aspects of marijuana. His humor and honesty will get your audience’s attention, whatever their own views may be.

Lory can also write or outline your speech and coach you to deliver your most inspiring performance.

Topics Lory can discuss informatively, engagingly and objectively on your show or at your meeting or convention include but are not limited to:

Poteconomics [the economics of pot]

  • How conventional economists drop the ball on cannabis commerce and why poteconomists emerged to fill the void
  • How many pot-ential cannajobs there are
  • How much pot-ential cannatax there is
  • Why the revenue issue [cannatax] is vitally important despite the Libertarian stance that freedom is everything and money is meaningless
  • How he identified huge revenue streams that the world’s leading PhD economists missed and included them in Cannabis Commerce in the USA.
  • How cannatax can be calculated using fourth grade math
  • What it’s like to move to a neighborhood by dumb luck which turns out to be the epicenter of the medical marijuana retail explosion in Denver … and be able walk to 30 dispensaries stocking a dizzying array of exotics just six months later!
  • Why he’s more motivated than other poteconomists — which they admit


  • Why “the movement” should be seeking herbal rights for everyone in one nation, not patients’ rights or states’ rights in single states
  • Why Colorado Amendment 64 and Washington Initiative 502 aren’t legalization — even though people are dancing with lampshades on their heads over it
  • Why it’s a big mistake for people to place their faith in a “tipping point theory,” that is, if enough states enact quasi-legalization, the federal government will say the hell with it and voluntarily repeal prohibition
  • How settling for constricted rights extends the repeal of prohibition to some distant Stardate, keeps “offenders” in prison, and keeps the DEA in business
  • What herbal rights activists could borrow from the lessons of history and how great men like Gandhi and MLK responded in similarly repressive situations
  • Comparing legalization US-style to legalization NL-style; Lory was the last cannabis tourist in The Netherlands!
  • Why cannabis subjugation is a world issue, not a local, state, or national issue — and how the US is the keystone supporting the perpetutation of global prohibition
  • How and why conspiracy theory may provide clues explaining the existence and sustenance of global prohibition

Lory sees what others miss. Photo by Suren Manvelyan.

States’ rights

  • Why, while everyone else shortsightedly wonders “which state is next?” Lory wonders why repealing prohibition isn’t next … and why it’s fallen out of the conversation altogether!
  • Why the DEA might get a bigger budget and more manpower because state-by-state legalization leaves The Controlled Substances Act in place with more potential for “abuse”
  • Why it’s 750 times as hard to achieve quasi-legalization in 50 states as it is to defeat federal prohibition once
  • How settling for restricted state-by-state inititiatives constricts cannajobs, cannatax, and cannabiz
  • The inability of herbal rights activists to organize across state lines — as if each state had a Berlin wall built around it
  • The hypocrisy of being pro states’ rights only when it serves your needs

His contrarian views about medical marijuana and “patients’ rights”

Lory sheds lights on a pot-pourri of perplexing issues.

Cannabis Commerce, his website

  • Why Cannabis Commerce is all about repealing prohibition and doesn’t cover state-by-state legalization
  • Why he writes for the educated, not the over-educated
  • Why Cannabis Commerce is literature in a world content with Twitterature
  • His quest to catalog all known cannajobs and potentrepreneurial opportunities like James Audobon cataloged North American birds
  • How and why Cannabis Commerce practices “fair reporting” instead of preaching to the choir
  • How and why he coined the terms “herbal rights,” “cannatax,” “cannajobs,” “cannabis commerce,” “cannanalysis,” “poteconomics,” and “poteconomist
  • How and why he put so much time and effort into designing a web site that’s classier than anything else out there

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