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A New York State of Weed

A New York State of Weed

The curious case of the Empire State and its progressive-or-regressive-depending-on-who-you-talk-to governor Andrew Cuomo. MMJ “activists” vilify him for his failure to anoint the sick and dying as a privileged, weed-worthy group … yet Governor Cuomo may be more passionate about preventing racially-profiled arrests than anyone.

"Marijuana Is No Cash Cow:" Deconstructing Poteconomics Coverage

“Marijuana Is No Cash Cow:” Deconstructing Poteconomics Coverage

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, certain “esteemed economists” have made careers out of furnishing false information like, “Marijuana is no cash cow” — and mainstream media compliantly chews the cud.

Ten Reasons Why MMJ Is Cannabis Commerce's Ball And Chain

Ten Reasons Why MMJ Is Cannabis Commerce’s Ball And Chain

“Winning” limited medical marijuana initiatives — as opposed to repealing prohibition — invites legislators into a vicious cycle of creating, editing, and deleting whatever proposition or referendum you voted for after the fact. That insures endless regulatory skirmishes until the end of days.