The benefits of donating to Cannabis Commerce

What’s in it for you?

  • Any donation you make, large or small, assures your place in heaven. Any donation over $100 gets you the VIP room.
  • The more money you donate, the smarter and sexier you’ll feel — and actually become. Your IQ will increase by at least 10% or your money back.
  • You’ll be supporting the magnanimous cause of herbal rights.
  • I’ll continue offering cannanalysis in depth instead of regurgitating consensus viewpoints in brief.
  • I’ll be able to take care of necessities while carrying on the vital work described below. All kidding aside, you will have my heartfelt appreciation.

Here’s where you do it:

      T H A N K S ! ! ! ! !

What You’ll be Immediately Funding

Our top two priorities:

  • Cannatax and Cannajobs 2013, the ultimate forecast of how much tax could be collected and how many jobs could be created in a fully legal, regulated landscape annually in the USA [worldwide stats could be inferred from the same data sets]. IMHO, there’s only one other poteconomist who could do this as well or better than me — and it looks like he’s signed on to co-author, insuring a knock-your-socks-off report.
  • Fleshing out of the Cannajobs category I made a start of. Instead of the three sample videos I posted, imagine hundreds and hundreds of them.

And if you’re broke?

There are lots of ways to help.

  • Comment on an article, get a discussion going
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Tell your friends
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  • Send us a video for the Cannajobs project
  • Hire Lory

Photo by Cade Martin.