We’re cataloging all the known jobs and potentrepreneurial opportunities out there to show how much cannabis commerce there already is — and how much more could be cultivated given the proper climate, nutrients, and stimulation. Watch this space as the massive undertaking unfolds!

What the catalog consists of

The catalog will consist of sixty-seconds or less videos of industry players telling you:

  • Who they are
  • Who they work for
  • What they do
  • What’s rewarding about it
  • What’s challenging about it

We aim to post hundreds of these.


Here are a few samples to get you going:

Why are we doing this?

Three reasons:

  1. If you or anyone you know are wondering where you’d fit into the poteconomy — you may want to be a worker, you may fancy yourself a potentrepreneur — seeing what hundreds of like-minded cannabis lovers are already doing and making money at could prove helpful, useful, and inspiring.
  2. If powers-that-be overseeing a stuttering economy have a sudden epiphany that it might be wise to unchain cannabis commerce, and they want to learn how many types of cannajobs there are or extrapolate from these how many more there could be, where would they turn? Er, that would be nowhere. Until now.
  3. That same interested persons and powers-that-be will find faces a lot more compelling than numbers. Numbers are forgettable. Faces aren’t.

Inspire someone today! Contribute your video(s) to the cause.

We want, need and crave your videos

Send in your videos! This is your official invitation. We need hundreds and hundreds of them to make the kind of statement we’re looking to make.

Videos can be hosted on:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Other video hosting sites
  • Your own server or a friend’s

How to get them to us

  1. Just email us your video’s URL, using the convenient form on the Contact page.
  2. We’ll link to your video and assign it to its proper category.

That’s all there is to it!

The rules:

  • Sixty seconds or less — we’ll consider longer videos if you make a donation
  • State 1) who your are; 2) who you work for; 3) What you do; 4) What’s rewarding about your job; 5) what’s challenging about your job.
  • You’re welcome to show your company logos or your products, but don’t waste time plugging them