It’s true that you’re more interested in cannatax than anyone.

Dr. Jeffrey MironDirector of Undergraduate Studies in Economics, Harvard University

Lory Kohn, who runs the website, has written extensively about cannatax issues and also has attacked Miron for being too conservative in his estimates.

Tom JackmanThe Washington Post

Very excellent web site. Wish I’d known about this before I wrote my story [“In Colorado, pot pioneers try to turn a profit,” the most searched pot article of all time]. You’ve got a trove here of great material. Thanks for the heads up.

David SegalThe New York Times

My problem with your article Ten Reasons Why Medical Marijuana is Cannabis Commerce’s Ball and Chain is why you slam the medical marijuana approach when it’s the only approach that actually allows people who need the herb to get it without threat of incarceration. I don’t have to agree with my friends all the time do I?

Thomas ChongCheech and Chong

I am blown away by your take on the MMJ scene as it mirrors my own. Most patients utilizing marijuana as medicine look at you like you are taking food out of their mouth when you try to get them to work on anything other than the local MMJ du jour. End federal prohibition and MMJ access is a moot issue.

Peter ChristopherConcerned Citizen

I appreciate your intelligent review of my film, What if Cannabis Cured Cancer.

Len RichmondLen Richmond Films

The Case for a Uniform Dose is a wonderful article and Cannabis Commerce is a wonderful site! We are working hard to make that uniform, consistent dose that patients need and want!

Heidi MorganOrgana Labs

The way you so eloquently stated, ‘if HERBAL RIGHTS proponents hope for legalization any time soon, they would do well to replicate the tactics of individuals and movements that persevered through tremendous struggles to win their freedom,’ I couldn’t agree with you more!!!! Hell, I would go as far to say that whomever our leader turns out to be should go back in history and adapt Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech to suit the desires of people who choose to partake of the sacred herb.

Russ HicksActivist

After discussing the recent RAND study on the uncertainties of a narrow range of the effects of legalizing cannabis in California, it is interesting to check out Cannabis Commerce in the USA. Author Lory Kohn, who describes himself as someone who ‘bypassed Economics 101 for obscure liberal arts courses like Love And The Secular Spirit,’ got interested enough in the economics of cannabis legalization to interview economists at length and put together a layman’s guide to the economics.I haven’t read it all, yet, but from what I’ve checked out, it certainly seems useful.

Pete GuitherDrug War Rant

I spend a lot of time on the Internet browsing blogs, and I must say that yours has caught my attention. Coincidentally, we recently published an article entitled “30 Best Blogs to Learn About Medical Marijuana” that I believe would draw considerable interest from your readers. I am happy to let you know that your site has been included in this list.


Congrats on the great site, which I’ve just discovered. Energetic reporting, coupled with your extremely lively writing style, cannot possibly miss the mark. Good luck with the venture. Years ago, you wrote for one of my publications. Now I can be a fan of your very professional new endeavor.

Bob WellsThe Boulder Reporter

Lory, your piece come out great, and everyone that’s read it has been impressed. Thank you!

Ethan SklarRooster Magazine

“Fantastic piece ― fierce, articulate, and supported, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am elated to have your confident and well-informed perspective on board.”

Matthew J. CoteCannabis Times

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