No self control? I’m not sure where “What Is a Poteconomist and Why Are the World’s ‘Esteemed Economists’ Mum on Pot?” came from … but it’s long, it wasn’t on my to-do list, and once I got going it was hard to stop!

On second thought, I’m sure where “What is a Poteconomist?” came from; I was going to provide a brief explanation since I was unsatisfied with the long-winded explanation I gave on the King of Pot podcast. It’s the “and Why Are the World’s ‘Esteemed Economists’ Mum on Pot?” that came out of the blue. I wanted to post something while work on Cannatax 2013 with a mystery poteconomist partner you’ll be thrilled about continues. It just kept getting deeper and deeper.

I also added a Donate/Help To Keep Us Afloat page — hint hint!

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The Lincoln review has been up for ten days: Zero comments? I didn’t realize my 6,000 word treatise bashing states’ rights was unassailable! Am I that brilliant? Really?

Cannatax 2013: Now that I’ve finally weighed in on the “regulate marijuana like alcohol and tobacco” referendums I’m free to write about what I really love, cannatax and cannajobs. It looks very much like I will have an ideal co-author, one who’s been mentioned a lot on these pages. Either one of us could get the job done solo, and has already done a mighty job of it in previous efforts, but the teaming could prove powerful indeed. Sorry, I have to keep this person’s identity secret for the time being. You will be as excited as I am to hear who it is … in a few weeks.

The Joy of Pot: “Part 3 — The Joy of Cultivation” is coming down the pipeline. This series is my respite from attacking patients’ rights, states’ rights, and “regulate marijuana like alcohol and tobacco” referendums. Too much of the time when people encounter the words pot, marijuana, or cannabis, it’s in conjunction with one controversy or another. This series strips all of that away. What we’re left with are specimens of psychedelic colas [humongous buds] it’s hard to believe were raised under grow lights … but they were! Competition in The Mile High City has pushed indoor growers and the suppliers who outfit them with grow lights, nutrients, and soil mixes to new heights. Feel the joy of indoor farming! If I could, I’d equip this website with Smellorama so you could catch a whiff, too! I’m working on it. Coming soon. —LK