has just named Cannabis Commerce one of its 30 Best Blogs to Learn About Medical Marijuana.

Nice to be included in such company, after only four months in existence. We’re happy to share the love with the 29 other like-minded blogs/sites. Here’s a “reprint” with their kind permission:

The debate over medical marijuana is nothing new, but it has been picking up momentum lately, as more states move towards legalized control over the system. If you want to learn more about the medical ethics, benefits, and uses of marijuana, as well as the research and court cases surrounding legalization, check out these 30 blogs.

Legal and News

Get state news, national regulation concern, and other news about the legal and business side of medical marijuana.

  1. NORML Blog: The campaign to reform marijuana laws is tracked and promoted on this blog. Recommended posts: “I Gots Mine: Dispensary Owners Against Marijuana Legalization” and “California’s Prop 19: A Word-for-Word Analysis.”
  2. Inland Empire Marijuana Blog: Get news and other important information regarding medical marijuana in Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario and Colton, CA. Recommended posts: “Obama’s Drug War Budget Increase” and “Ca. State Marijuana Laws vs. Federal Marijuana Laws.”
  3. Medical Marijuana Group: This blog and forum posts news stories about the fight to make marijuana legal across the country. Recommended posts: “Advocates Voices Remain Unheard in Nevada” and “Montana pushes for a more defined understanding of their medical marijuana laws.”
  4. Iowans for Medical Marijuana Blog: Carl Olsen keeps readers up to date on legalization news in all states, and especially in Iowa, with helpful links and notifications. Recommended posts: “U.S. Senate Candidate Bob Krause” and “The Strategy Moving Forward.”
  5. Hemp News: posts videos, news, petitions and more regarding the legalization of marijuana. Recommended posts: “California: Group wants right for AIDS patient to use marijuana to fight disease’s symptoms” and “New Jersey: Key sponsor of N.J. medical marijuana law supports proposal to grow pot at Rutgers.”
  6. Drug WarRant: On this blog you’ll hear the other side of the medical marijuana argument, as well as news about the drug war on other fronts. Recommended posts: “Why Mark Kleiman is a crock” and “AIDS 2010, and Three Former Presidents sign Vienna Declaration.”
  7. Ed Rosenthal’s Blog: Also called “The Guru of Ganja Blog,” this site is dedicated to bringing awareness to medical marijuana trials so that cannabis can be legalized responsibly. Recommended posts: “An Important Letter From Ed via Green Aid” and “California Rallying Cry: Vote Green, Not Brown.”
  8. The Speakeasy – Chronicle Blog: At, Phil Smith writes drug-related stories that miss mainstream headlines, and often reports on medical marijuana and marijuana reform. Recommended posts: “DARE Attacks Marijuana Legalization While Praising Alcohol” and “The New Politics of Marijuana Reform.”
  9. Pennsylvanians for Medical Marijuana: On this site, you will find printable literature and information about medical marijuana and its record with the FDA and Supreme Court, as well as posts about local events and news. Recommended posts: “Philadelphia Marijuana Penalty Reduction Goes Into Effect Today” and “New poll shows 8 in 10 support medical marijuana in PA.”
  10. Global Ganja Report: Find out why you should have a right to cannabis and medical marijuana here. Recommended posts: “US Patent Office nixes cannabis trademarks” and “ACLU sues Wal-Mart on behalf of cancer patient.”
  11. Colorado Medical Marijuana Blog: Here you can read about the latest news regarding court cases and popular opinion in Colorado regarding medical marijuana. Recommended posts: “Legalization Popular Among Voters” and “The Battle for Legalization.”
  12. Medical Cannabis: Voices from the Front Lines: Americans for Safe Access maintains this blog to bring awareness to the fair use and legalization of marijuana. Recommended posts: “Troubling Trend of $1 Million Bails in Medical Marijuana Cases” and “Calaveras Sheriff Brazenly Engages in Identity Theft to Entrap Medical Marijuana Provider.”
  13. Cannabis Culture Blogs: The blogs on this online magazine discuss criminal cases, legislation and more regarding marijuana in the U.S. Recommended posts: “Marijuana: Legalize, tax it to fund Medicaid” and “Update on Alabama Medical Marijuana Bill.”
  14. Baked Life: This is “the marijuana blog about everything,” and it’s a good place to learn about marijuana culture in the U.S., from the courts to the business. Recommended posts: “Legalize Marijuana Video” and “Drugs Inc: Marijuana – National Geographic.”
  15. All About Marijuana: Get news, commentary and video about legalizing marijuana from this site. Recommended posts: “The Reefer Report” and “Medical: For Medical Purposes Only, Pt. 1.”
  16. Colorado Medical Marijuana Lawyer Blog: The legal team of Gard & Bond, LLC, explains in laymen’s terms what’s going on to legalize medical marijuana in Colorado. Recommended posts: “The course of MMJ business over the last year” and “ Post 7/1/10, the hangover from Black Thursday.”
  17. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition: This blog hopes to bring awareness to the community of legal enforcement officers who believe legalized control over drugs like marijuana is more effective than prohibition. Recommended posts: “Press Release: 2 Cops, Judge Sign Marijuana Ballot Argument” and “Official Prop. 19 Ballot Signed by LEAP Speakers.”
  18. Cannabis Commerce: Get news and insight into the business side of marijuana, legalizing cannabis and medical marijuana here. Recommended posts: “ Jon Gettman Weighs In On Legalization, Taxation, and Cultivation” and “ Denver’s First Cannabis Convention Captivates the Mile High.”

Health and Medical

These blogs focus more on the health and medical benefits and programs for patients using marijuana.

  1. Medical Marijuana Blog: Learn about dispensaries, cooking with marijuana, state laws and the benefits of marijuana for different diseases and disorders. Recommended posts: “How to Find the Best Medical Marijuana Doctors” and “Top Five Reasons to Get a Medical Marijuana Card.”
  2. The Cancer and Marijuana Blog: If you want to learn more about how and why marijuana is used in helping cancer patients, read this blog. Recommended posts: “Does Cannabis Truly Help AIDS Patients” and “Marijuana as Medicine is nothing new!
  3. Medical Cannabis of Southern California: Topics covered on this medical marijuana blog include medical ethics, medical marijuana laws, and the different conditions that can benefit from medical marijuana. Recommended posts: “Medical Marijuana and Withdrawal Symptoms” and “Medical marijuana patients show up on time: a friendly reminder.”
  4. Medical Marijuana Blog: Posts on this blog go into scientific detail about how marijuana is used for medicinal purposes. Recommended posts: “Is Medical Marijuana Coming to New York?” and “Medical Marijuana and Alzheimer’s.”
  5. Marijuana Reviews: Learn about different strains of marijuana and how they help. This blog also includes forums and free medical marijuana instructional videos. Recommended posts: “Grape Punch” and “Black Cherry.”
  6. Faded Fools 2.0: Find out what these faded fools are smoking to ease the pain. Detailed photographs accompany reviews, so it may be NSFW. Recommended posts: “Venom OG Kush” and “Exclusive Master Kush (Indica).”
  7. Medical Marijuana Blog: Get news stories but also learn how to find medical marijuana in certain states. Recommended posts: “Five Little Known Facts About Medical Marijuana” and “California Medical Marijuana Laws and Prop 19.”
  8. Medical Marijuana USA: Read up on dispensaries: how to open one and how to find them. Also find links to other resources for learning about medical marijuana. Recommended posts: “How to get a medical marijuana card in Colorado” and “How to Open a Medical Marijuana Dispensary.”
  9. Cannabination: Find scientific research reports and other studies on medical marijuana here. Recommended posts: “Cannabinoid Receptors: A Link Between Genetic Variations and Depression” and “ Scientists Find New Sources of Plant Cannabinoids.”
  10. The Marijuana Blog: Blog categories here range from growing marijuana to sharing news updates to highlighting videos from YouTube explaining the medical benefits. Recommended posts: “Going to Pot: Would Legal Marijuana Take Bite Out of Crime?” and “US CO: Delay Sought in Medical Pot Issue.”
  11. Marijuana Policy Project Blog: Visit the MPP blog for information on voting issues, licenses, collectives and health benefits. Recommended posts: “Bringing Out the Marijuana Vote” and “Mike Meno Marijuana Use Rarely Leads to Emergency Room, Study Shows.”
  12. Medical Marijuana Tracker: Get practical answers to questions you may have about how medical marijuana is used, and what all the jargon means. Recommended posts: “The Future of Marijuana in America” and “What are marijuana cannabinoids?.”