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Persuasion requires a mix of art and science — the balance between the technical aspects of targeting audiences and the ability to make an emotional connection with individual audience members. Lory Kohn brings that balance to your copywriting and marketing needs.

Lory’s clear and engaging copywriting comes out of years of diverse writing experience: from multi-million dollar technical proposals to slogans to political manifestos. From convincing boards of directors to winning over consumers, he knows what it means to understand the mind of an audience and target it with the right wording to make your product, service, or cause stand out.

When it comes to marketing plans and strategies, Lory understands your needs. Whether it’s launching a product, writing a white paper, or understanding what your website needs to convey at a glance, he can work with you to come up with clear, measurable goals, and then follow through to analysis of the results.

Now that recreational marijuana has won over hearts, minds, and lungs, the marijuana field is wide open. It’s crying out for expertise in copywriting and marketing. Wouldn’t your mission be a lot easier with someone talented and dedicated who does what he’ll say he’ll do when he says he’ll do it helping you out with:

  • A prospectus for investors
  • Press releases
  • Web site builds including conception, coding, copywriting, and coordination with designers
  • Business plans
  • Market analysis
  • Consulting and brainstorming by the hour or project
  • Ad campaigns
  • Statewide initiatives authored that will make it onto ballots and have a high probability of success
  • Copy for ads, packaging, display, and marketing materials
  • And just about any writing or brainstorming you could ever need for your cannabis-based business

Copywriting and Marketing Testimonials


Brad LaneCannabis Planet TV

“This is amazing. You really are talented and this was exactly the quality I was hoping for. I have goose bumps reading this. Your ability to describe the process that paints a perfect and comfortable picture is awesome!!! Thank you!”

Ralph MorganOrgana Labs

Very, very good. A lot of great text and ideas. Let’s start implementing it to the display sheet and other signage as you suggested.

Charlie BensAtmos and Stratus Personal Vaporizers

Lory, your piece come out great, and everyone that’s read it has been impressed. Thank you!

Ethan SklarRooster Magazine

“Fantastic piece ― fierce, articulate, and supported, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am elated to have your confident and well-informed perspective on board.”

Matthew J. CoteCannabis Times

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