The Cannabis Commerce cinema verité tour of Denver dispensaries kicked off this week, with visits to a couple of our favorite shops.

Urban Cannabis fits so easily into the established retail blend on South Downing street near DU. Broadway Wellness is just an outstanding dispensary, for comfort, knowledge, variety, and its mighty jungle of mother plants. Love the visuals! No wonder it’s attracted 2600 patients since October. The Kind Room was one of city’s first dispensaries. It’s noteworthy for being active in local and state legalization efforts — like lawyer Brian Vicente’s recent presentation on HB-1284 that attracted an SRO crowd; the meeting had to be moved to the parking lot!

How blessed are we that the Queen City of the Plains is the most cannabis-friendly municipality in the Western Hemisphere? Off-the charts blessed, especially now that the LA scene has taken a major hit. Vancouver’s got plenty of great BC bud, but it’s not in the public eye. Bud viewing is restricted to a few clubs, in a relatively seedy part of town.

Cannabis Commerce sincerely hopes your “hood” gets with the program as soon as possible. Meanwhile, here’s a little taste of what you’re missing . . .