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A small Dabz Personal Vaporizer kit in Cobalt Blue. Comes with an extra atomizer, an e-cigarette clear atomizer for those who want to double down on their vices, a lanyard, a dibber-dabber tool you can see peeking out from the case, and a little red stash container. The glass globe is an extra that adds visual reinforcement to the mix; you can watch the vapor swirling around and building up.

As cowboy chemists amp up the creativity — whipping up an astonishing variety of increasingly high THC-count concentrates like wax, shatter and oils — enterprising personal vaporizer manufacturers have to be nimble if they hope to keep up with these rapidly expanding product offerings.

One company that’s taken the challenge and run with it is Dabz Personal Vaporizers.

Want to vaporize straight hash? Check. Wax? Check? Shatter? Can do. Bubble? Yep. Raw buds? They’ve got an attachment for that, too.

Must cost an arm and a leg, right? Er, no. If a device that versatile was built to a robust standard, and was so straightforward enough that a chimp could operate it, might you be tempted to part with $69 of your hard-earned cash?

I thought you might. So let’s take one out for a spin.

I should back up and mention that the last time Cannabis Commerce reviewed a personal vaporizer (the O.Pen), that piece became the worldwide web’s #1 read paraphernalia review with hundreds of comments. On that basis, you’d probably think I’d automatically qualify as an expert to review the Dabz personal vaporizer. There’s just one hangup: the last time yours truly tried an 80% THC concentrate, shortly thereafter I found myself curled up in a fetal position at the base of a cottonwood tree in a public park for four hours, having left my body where I observed it lying there from a cloud (a previous psychedelic dabbing experience is described here).

That experience was both supremely entertaining and entirely inconvenient as my physical body was expected to be somewhere else at the time. Valuable life experience or not, I could tell that 25% THC was about my limit. So I swore off dabbing.

The last time yours truly tried an 80% THC dab, I found myself curled up in a fetal position at the base of a cottonwood tree in a public park for four hours, having left my body where I observed it lying there from a cloud.

That meant that for review purposes I needed to employ some highly-qualified testers to try the apparatus out. It would seem that identifying sophisticated stoners in the Mile High City would be a snap. It wasn’t. Hard to believe, I know, but some stoners aren’t all that reliable or the greatest communicators.

dabz personal vaporizer with globe cannabis commerceFinally I heard that a friend’s son lived in a house with a bunch of fellow stoners so dedicated they had $5,000 worth of glassware between them. That seemed like the most promising lead yet!

Within the first fifteen seconds of being in their house I knew I’d hit paydirt.

On the cutting edge of dabification, this crew had evolved beyond blowtorches: they’d graduated to electric nails. Realistically, the Dabz personal vaporizer would probably never become their go-to device for everyday use. But, as great as their fabulous collection was, it was going to do them no good at all if, say, they decided to embark on a road trip.

“Um, well, officer … this elaborate glass apparatus is actually my entry in the high school science fair.” Sure.

So … would the stoner elite be happy with the Dabz when they hit the road or they found themselves in situations calling for stealth … like concerts, 4H Club meetings, or waiting in line to renew their license plates?

And would people without the ways, means, or dedication to accumulate an elaborate collection of glassware also be perfectly well served by a device that promises to deliver the performance and flexibility the Dabz PV does?

Cutting to the chase, the answer as seen in the cinema verité videos below, was a resounding yes.

While these videos won’t win any awards for technical excellence — super stoners don’t generally go about their business in bright lighting conditions favorable to video, I had to perch myself on the kitchen counter if I hoped to capture any footage at all — but they get the point across.

The first video shows the crew going from never having seen a Dabz case in their lives to taking satisfying tokes in less than five minutes.

The second video shows the high-end glass collection they’re used to rocking.

I tried the pen with some raw bud. The optional dry herb attachment ($29 if purchased separately, it comes with the large kit) would work even better, but placing a tiny budlet onto the atomizer produced tasty and satisfying hits. Watching the little glass globe ($29) filling up with vapor was entrancing.

While competition like the O.Pen has its virtues, people don’t buy them because they enjoy the taste of vape cartridges. The Dabz does a much better job of delivering savory hits which preserve the superior flavor of finely crafted buds and concentrates.


  • The Dabz PV vaporizes just about anything out there with THC in it; according to the company, wax is the most-used concentrate
  • Watching a glass teapot fill up with vapor is mesmerizing and gets you in the mood to take a quick yet devastatingly effective hit to the back of the throat
  • Hardly any cleaning required — you can’t clean what’s not there
  • All glass, no plastic to melt on you when you least want it to
  • Extra atomizer included
  • Comes in an assortment of luminous colors for those discriminating stoners inclined to coordinate their accessories


  • None for the pen itself.
  • Skimpy instructions. Stoners from San Francisco, Dabz’ headquarters, and Denver, where our testers have had four years to perfect their personal dabbing rituals, may find figuring out the device a breeze. People who live in the middle of nowhere, where’s there’s next to no access to cutting edge concentrates or paraphernalia may not find the device as instantly intuitive.
  • Skimpy product descriptions on the Dabz website [dabzpv.com]. Once again, a lot of folks will look at the accessories on offer and know instantaneously what task each accessory is intended for; others new to the ways of “dabbing” might be stumped. I don’t know everything, but Dabz might want to provide a few brief product blurbs.


  • The 90-day warranty. According to Dabz, that’s 3 times longer than the competition’s. You could look at that as “good.” However, Open Vape (O.Pen, Go Pen, etc.) offers a one-year warranty on their pens. Dabz’ warranty is a third of that. So you could look at that as “bad.” Then again, a Dabz PV vaporizes three times as many substances as an O.Pen. Depending on your perspective, that’s six of one, a half-dozen of the other.


A small kit sells for $69.

A large kit sells for $109.

Accesssories range from $14.99 to $29.99.


I can get behind the pen, the accessories on offer, and the price point. For the experienced pro, the Dabz personal vaporizer offers a compelling portable option; for those just getting started with concentrates, this pen’s an inexpensive and sufficiently robust choice to launch a voyage of discovery into The Wonderful World of Dabs.

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