Howdy young neighbors, it’s been a while since I’ve offered the scintillating brand of cannanalysis you’ve come to both crave and expect from Cannabis Commerce  — if you don’t count posting pix of urban Czechoslvokian love nymphs romping around the splendid cannabis gardens of Prague. Why have I been uncharacteristically quiet? Well actually I’ve been writing more than ever.

  1. With recreational MJ on the way here in Colorado, I’ve been busily writing prospectuses, website copy, and marketing hype materials for businesses poised to capitalize on the pot opportunity of the century.
  2. Regular readers know how disinterested I am in the insane vicissitudes of state-by-state legalization. Why yes, I’m much rather gaze at beautiful nudes than examine the state of Michigan’s puzzling decision to ban extracted products from Wolverine State dispensaries. So I turned to photojournalism for the moment.

As it develops, I’m about to get real talkative again in a hurry. Next week, I’ll be making my first visit to our nation’s capital since The Washington Post prcolaimed I’m a semi-celebrated poteconomist or something to that effect. My main mission is meeting with Dr. Jon Gettman to continue our work on Cannajobs 2013. I already set the table in this preview; now we get down to the real nitty gritty. Are there really 1 million cannajobs out there for the taking? I’m feeling very bullish indeed.

How bullish am I that anyone with anyone with any influence whatsoever who works a government job and lives in the District of Columbia will put themself out to make it happen? Not very.

Also on the menu is being treated to a tour which could be called Jon Gettman’s Americana. In other words a D.C. insider will show me the Greek Revival buildings where the very officials keeping demonization alive work!

{Update 8/26/2013: That didn’t happen, but tours of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Annex and Mount Vernon did.}

Thrill to poteconomics chat as you’ve never heard it before, as Dr. Gettman and I yak poteconomics all over the scenic city.

If that’s somehow insufficiently stimulating, this week I’ve found time in my busy schedule to dazzle you with DC Flashback, in which I recount my tempestuous Fall of ’69 semester as a 17-year-old sophomore at American University during the height of the Vietnam War protests … and free love. There’s an actual purpose to including free love flashbacks in Cannabis Commerce: the basic idea is I thought the best way to illustrate the difference between activism in 1969 and 2013 was with an eyewitness account of the former.