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Beautiful czech cannabis loving girls drinking wine and smoking joints on a couch in front of their cannabis garden.

Czech cannabis lovers frolic in their lush garden. Photo by Petra Rösler.

The words “pot,” “cannabis,” and “marijuana” bring to mind images of problems, problems, and more problems.

Cannabis, the little weed that could, is tangled in controversy just about every place on earth.

But not every place.

In the Czech Republic, people can grow all the magical herb that they want, need and desire. Yes, they can have all the magical herb that they want, need and desire. You read that correctly.

Since growing became legal, the Czech Republic has become a better, brighter, more luminous place. That makes it a better, brighter, and more luminous destination for cannabis tourism.

Woman with dog and pot plant in garden

Things are pretty doggoned free in the Czech Republic. Photo by Petra Rösler.

So if you’re searching for a vacation hotspot, you can have Las Vegas and Disneyland; I’ll take Prague, the historical capital of Bohemia proper, a red-hot potspot where everyone’s into cannabis promotion —not cannabis prohibition.

When you combine old world charm with new world weed, then you’ve really got something.

We don’t hear much in America about the lush cannabis gardens of Prague proliferating all over the city. We don’t read much about them in newspapers or see them on TV.

Girl with cat, typewriter and cannabis wreath

Writing the great Czechoslavakian novel goes better with weed, wine, and feline. Photo by Petra Rösler.

I was wondering if by some odd chance there were any photographs that capture Prague’s idyllic, prohibitionless lifestyle in all its glory.

Why, yes. There are.

Petra Rösler, a Czech photographer/poet living in Barcelona, sent us her shots of life after prohibition ended in the Czech Republic. It seems a certain magazine which sponsors the Cannabis Cup couldn’t figure out what to do with them.

girls on faded couch in cannabis gardend

Faded, sepia-toned, and washed out … but feeling no pain. Photo by Petra Rösler.

I felt a little differently. My official one-word review: “Wow!”

Postcards From Paradise Found is a window into the cannabis gardens sprouting up all over the Czech Republic’s rooftops, terraces and yards — and the divine females who tend them, lounge around in them, and sample them.

If these images don’t make you yearn to visit one medieval city that’s emerged from the dark ages, you may be overdue for a Czech-up.

girl on couch with doob

Girl on couch with doob. Photo by Petra Rösler.

Pot-ential cannabis tourists might want to think long and hard about buying airline tickets to old-standby Amsterdam instead of Prague; Amsterdam is Paradise Lost. The Netherlands’ reign as Europe’s #1 cannabis destination is history.

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