The packaging for the Atmos personal vaporizerThe Electronic Personal Vaporizer Kit under review consists of the AtmosRx blunt-sized vaporizer [$79.95; two battery kit $109.95] and the OrganaLabs VapeCartridge [100 mg – about 175 hits – for $25; 200 mg – about 175 extra-strength hits – for $36]. That effectively makes this two reviews in one – so it runs a little long.

Additionally, our testing methodology is explained, some background about infused products is provided, and the author’s previous involvement with OrganaLabs is disclosed. The good news is that if you’re curious about the wide world of activated extracts, this review will get you up to speed in a hurry. For easier navigation, it’s divided into sections, accessible via a drop-down menu.

The kit comes in your choice of Midnight Black, Metallic Silver, or Electric Blue — so far. Perhaps Passionate Persimmon or Phosphorescent Orchil Lichen are under development? That’s just the beginning. The Atmos website provides a luminous assortment of chachkas to personalize your kit, including reusable skins, leather carrying cases, and rainbow colored cones. If you can imagine it, chances are Atmos produces it — or will soon.

Atmos personal vaporizer pictured next to a cell phone

Stealth is the word!

I think it’s fair to say someone has passed Marketing 101 with flying colors.

But there’s more. If you live where you can’t buy activated cartridges — presently available at select dispensaries in Colorado, with expansion to other MMJ states planned — “Liquid Herbal Formulas,” are also on offer. You can console yourself with one or more of the following aromatherapy cartridges: Sexual Enhancement [would I make this stuff up?], Alert, Breathe, Relaxation, Appetite Suppression, and Energy.

If you combine Sexual Enhancement and Appetite Suppression, does that leave you all dressed up with nowhere to go?